Graduation LiveStream 2019

Can’t make it to Tuesday’s graduation at Hunter College? No problem, the PTA has you covered. Please join our Livestream on Facebook, Tuesday at 8AM.  Link is below:

New T-Shirt Fundraiser

Show school pride and help raise funds for the PTA at the same time!

You only have a few days left to purchase this shirt. Available in two colors, with sizes in men, women, and youth. A perfect gift for anyone in the family that wants to show pride in the school your child is attended. All proceeds will benefit the students at Art & Design High School! Visit the store here.

Spring Arts Festival 2019

It’s that time of the year! This week the school celebrates the achievements of every student! The gym is converted into a super gallery covering all eight majors. It’s open all day from May 28 – 31. The public opening is Wednesday, May 29th, from 5pm-8pm. Come and celebrate your child’s accomplishments and the rest of the student body! Drinks and light snacks will be served.

Fashion Show 2019

Amazing! Friday, May 24, 6:30pm. This year’s fashion show was another hit. For an hour the works of seniors, juniors, and even sophomores made it on the runway. Dazzling lights, red carpets, and the heavy thump from the DJ booth provided the professional backdrop for the skilled pieces from our fashion majors.

HSAD Drama Club Presents – HAIR: The Musical


PTA/SLT Elections!

The PTA is only as strong as its committed volunteers. Can you help? For only a few hours a month, you can be part of a very active PTA that teams up with the school to do what is right for our children. Our annual elections for the 2019-2020 PTA Executive Board are only a few weeks away. SLT elections are also in play at our May 2nd PTA meeting.

Read all about it here.

Senior Class Ring 2019

Seniors! The school has arranged for this year’s senior class ring. You can visit their site at the link below and place your deposit for $80. A representative will visit April 3rd to complete the order. Rings start at $350.

We would like to offer a second choice, that has a wider range of price options. From $57 to $150 as a starting point. Here is the link:

Dunham – Art & Design High School Rings

The PTA is not benefiting financially from any ring sales. We have made a handy 3 minute video tutorial on how to select the various options for a $90 men’s high school ring as an example. Video embedded below:

We would love all families to have the choice of selecting a high school ring for such an occasion as graduation. It’s a wonderful keepsake! We hope by highlighting these choices that it allows more families this opportunity.


Congratulations! We are hearing that notices have been sent. Your child has been accepted to Art & Design High School!

If you’re not sure, please be sure to check this page on the official DOE website. There is a link provided there where you can confirm your child’s acceptance. There is a Round 2 of admissions, that’s also explained in the above link. A&D only has a handful slots open for Round 2, but at least it’s something.

So your child was accepted! You may be wondering what’s next? Well, first please sign up for our newsletter. You will receive our notices we send out to all parents. You can also contact us via email with any questions. The school’s official Parent Coordinator is the ever helpful Janeen Johnson. Ms. Johnson can be reached at this email address:

If you are interested in seeing what type of work the students do, in May there will be a week long Spring Arts Festival, with film and fashion show events that week, and you can really see the caliber of work the students create at all grade levels and among all majors. The Drama Club’s performance of HAIR: The Musical will be opening soon, another opportunity to see what our fantastic kids are up to and what your child could become involved in.

Your first official interaction at the school will be during Freshman Orientation which this year is Thursday, June 6. More details to come, but as in years past this is when both you and your child will attend to fill out required paperwork, purchase the Freshman Art kit (subsidized by the PTA) take a picture for the student ID card, purchase items like gym apparel and SO Card (discount for the school art supplies store), and interact with the school staff and PTA about any issues or concerns you may have. The PTA hopes to have a parent panel where we will fill you in on what to expect and how to best prepare your child (and YOU!) for this new four-year adventure.

We are in the process of updating our bylaws and hope to have positions open for a Fall 2019 PTA election. This is specifically to encourage our Freshman parents to get involved!

One last thing, you may be a parent of an incoming Sophomore child, class of 2022. Again, congratulations! All the above applies to you, but most importantly your child will need to pick an art major right away. The PTA is holding a ‘Choose Your Major” information session that is of interest to all soon-to-be-sophomores in our April 4th PTA meeting, 6:30pm-8pm. You are welcome to attend if you think it will be helpful. As long as you registered at the link above you will get notice of our upcoming meeting.

So welcome aboard, and we truly hope the next four years will be a fantastic experience for your child!

2019 Winter Comedy Jam! – CANCELED

We’re sorry, but this event has been canceled.  We’ll try again later in the school year!