Bake Sale Success!

We are thrilled to report that our bake sale this past Friday was an unqualified success! The end of day total was $885! We had the largest turnout of parent volunteers during this 4 hour event. Ten parents assisted in selling the goods to the students. We would like to thank in no particular order: Maria Ramroop, Erica Bohde, Lory Frassetti, Lissette Anderson, Abbie Ayala, Evie Hantzopoulos, Karen Belgrave, Nilda Chu, Jean Stemm, and Frederica Sayles. Our thanks as well to the many parents that donated their delicious homemade baked goods, you put smiles on many students’ faces.

I bet you’re asking yourselves, “Well where does that money go?” Here’s a perfect (recent) example of what the raised funds from successful events like these go to… Mr. Famiglia of COSA dressed in costume accepted our check of $450 to fund the DJ/Party setup at this Friday’s Halloween Dance, which we heard was a graveyard smash!

Did your teen get mash at this Halloween Bash?! Please send us pics!

Speaking of pics – We also purchased memory cards for the entire incoming sophomore Photography class (17x 32GB SDHC cards) and extra ink supplies for their sleek professional inkjet printer all totaling $500 as budgeted last year. We were happy to hand all these supplies to Ms. McLaughlin and one of her students. Happy picture taking!

Of course we’re not done yet, as more items budgeted will start to come up for funding. An immediate event is the upcoming College Trip to both Skidmore and SUNY Purchase on November 7. As you see, your donations are critical to meet our goals to help as much of the school as possible. Expect more news later as we come up with other ways you can help the PTA raise funds.