PTA Meetings 2019-2020

The by-laws state that general meetings take place the first Thursday of every month. Adjusting for holidays and no-school days, here is our current listing of meetings open to all parents and guardians. Please join us!

Executive Board Meetings will generally be held the Monday (on Tuesday for Monday Holidays) before the General Meetings.


Sept 19, Thursday Approved Minutes for Sept 19 meeting
Oct 10, Thursday Approved Minutes for October 10 meeting
Nov 7, Thursday Approved Minutes for November 7 meeting
Dec 5, Thursday Topic: Mental Health Awareness 
Jan 9, Thursday Topic: College Now proposal for college credits in HS
Feb 6, Thursday Topic: A&D’s internship program
March 5, Thursday Topic: Seniors talk about the art majors at A&D
April 2, Thursday Topic:  How to deal with homophobia in schools and how to be a good ally
May 7, Thursday Topic: Seniors talk about their college application experience



Archived Meeting Minutes